Hey, just thinking about buying this amp, and im just seeing if anyone else has this and can tell me if its any good or not.

btw, also let me know what styles of music this is best suited for, as i mostly play metalish stuff like children of bodom and avenged sevenfold and stuff.

thanks in advance.
I have one of those, bought it for practice, it's a great SS amp (if great apply for SS) I really like it and works perfect with pedals. H&K really did a good job with them.

I play with it from Blues to Metal + all in between and the Blue Edition do the job. An overdrive is ver useful in any case (I use the Digitech Bad Monkey), and BTW I like the original distorsion. I use it also with my POD XT Live with impressive results.

Only bad thing is that the knobs look a bit cheap but it's not a big deal, nothing that a careful user should really worry about.

The blue Light is cool.

BUT: go and try it yourself, since not every flavor is for everybody's tongue...
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i also tried out the peavey envoy, and i think thats a bit better suited to my style.
I don't know how sound the Peavey, the Envoy's lack of FX Loop is for me a big missing point.

But if it fit your needs and the sound keeps you satisfied go for it.