OK so today i was going to change the strings on my acoustic and i couldnt get the low E string out, i tried everything to change it and as a last resort i used pliers and broke the head of the bridge pin the i still cant get the sting out. oh yeah the string isnt woudned anymore ripped them off trying to remove string
u can buy replacement bridge pins, if u didnt know that already of course. but i actually had this same thing happen to me on my acoustic and i hit it with a hammer thru the sound hole and i couldnt good leverage to hit it so i took a screw driver and a hammer and hit the peg thru the hole all the way, just dont hit it hard just slight taps on the screwdriver till it falls thru.
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sometimes if you push down on a pin it will release, because the string is wedged in with the pin in the narrow part of the hole.

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