maybe some people remember that some time ago i make a threat about wich bass should i buy
so i decided to go to my local music store and try some basses
i tried a fender p bass and it was awesome
then i tried the gedy lee jazz bass and it was great
and mny basses later i tried a squier VM p bass and i was the best one(i like it more than the others)
i decided to try the fender p bass and the squier VM p bass
and i ended with choosing the squier over the fender
so what do you think?
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Squier VM p-bass(i chosed it over a fender!!!) with quarter pounder and gotoh 201!!
fender MIM P bass
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Making a threat about buying a bass involves telling us you're buying a TBird

But why ask us what you think after you bought it? If you prefer the cheaper bass, fantastic, good for you.

i dont even know why i did this threat
i gues i just wanted to know how UG bassist think about someone chossing a squier over a fender
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Squier VM p-bass(i chosed it over a fender!!!) with quarter pounder and gotoh 201!!
fender MIM P bass
epiphone SG 400
Um, i think you mean to be saying "Thread" and not "Threat". and if you like the bass you got, then why do you need our opions?
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well, If you like it better then then thats great.But If you had enough money to get a fender p bass then you should have lots left over to get some great upgrades.
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Hey - what works, works. IMO, the amplification you may have been testing might not have given the proper light to the Fenders, but if you're happy, that's all that matters. Granted, it is interesting that you preferred the Squier over the Fender.
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Those new VM Squiers are fantastic, I'd take one over an MIM bass and I'd definitely take on over the Geddy (I HATE the neck on it), wouldn't take one over an MIA though.

Great choice and props to you for not just buying Fender because they're supposed to be better.
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I've often chose cheaper bass or guitar brands because I like the feel of them. If it's well built (some are, some are crap), it's a matter of throwing in new pick-ups and electronics to have it sounding like an A-grade instrument.
So, if you're happy with how the Squire plays, you made the right choice.
I hate players who pick instruments strickly on the price tag.
^I agree with this guy, I was lucky enough to get a good Affinity P-Bass which the only original parts left are the neck and body, which I love the feel of and now its great.
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