Hello, can anyone point me in the direction of a quality, small bass amp with a good tone? I need something for bedroom practice, so 20-50 watts will seriously suffice. I can only seem to find beginner-marketed amps available in that volume range. I just need something simple that I can play my P-bass on, any suggestions? Thanks,

If you can find one, the Vox T60 Reissue is awesome. It has a headphone output if you need it, and it's loud enough for gigs while still being a great practice amp. I think it comes in a T30 as well, but don't quote me on that. They're discontinued but fairly cheap.
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Fender Rumble 150's are great.
I have one for practicing alone, with a group, and smaller gigs. You don't need anything big until you're doing large-scale shows.

How much are you looking to spend?
i recomend the fender bassman100


sure it is "a little extra" but if you want a quality low volume sound this is a sure thing.

also the ambeg BA112 is 50 watts but the ba115 sounds MUCH better and it gets quiet
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My price range is around, 300 bucks lets say. Which is a lot for me, but this is more of an investment than anything, as I need something to play and practice with in the comfort of my own quarters while my "real" gear is at the practice space.

The nemesis series is a little heavy on the cash for me, as well as too loud for my tiny apartment.

The other suggestions seem a bit more feasible, but still not exactly what Im looking for. Has anyone had any experience with the other brand Fender Rumbles? i.e. Fender Rumble 15, 25, 50, etc? Those would suit my tastes as far as volume goes, but how about the tone at lower volumes?

And for that matter, are there any >$400 bass tube amps around that are decent? Something along the lines of... five to fifteen watts
I gave a fender rumble 100 a try at guitar center and it was OK. features look nice, got all the volume you would ever need, but the sound wasnt the best. I've heard the same for the other rumbles too. My suggestion would be this baby: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Line-6-Low-Down-Studio-110-Combo-Bass-Amp-?sku=480048 Its definately got enough wattage for your needs, got a good selection of effects. Sounds great too, got a good bassy rumble for just a 10" speaker. Another suggestion would be an ashdown. I picked up an ashdown electric blue 130-12 (the discontinued one) used earlier today, and it is nice. The tone is amazing. I would expect the same from the other ashdowns. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ashdown-Perfect-Ten-10-Combo-Bass-Amp?sku=485039 would probably be the best one for your application.
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