I am a guitarist, decent, been playing for 3 years, I like santana a lot, i play quite a few santana songs on the guitar. I wanted to team up with a friend of mine who plays guitar, know nothing about timing, yet for the song fear of the dark wanted to have lead guitar parts, I refused and told him he needs to play chords and backgrounds, i guess he didnt like that and i just old him adios today and let him go. Looking through yahoo answers i see him posting a question about him having a drummer, guitarist, keyboardist and a bass player and wanting to play a song. THIS MADE ME OUTRAGEOUSLY PISSED. He cant just come and steal my drummer and play, hes suge a ****er sorry for my language but i am outraged. I am guessing he wants to compete with me but i want to ****ing get his throught and choke him. LIKE he has no right to do that. I wanted to know of a good song to play at my schools battle of the bands. I personally love love love santana, but am worried about not having a rhythm guitar and leaving it to the keyboards, would it sound good, with the keyboards doing the rhythm. Also, i am worried the songs like europa and santana songs seem to easy on the guitar. Its usually those heavy metal songs that get the crowd involved. Like i want to prove to the crowd i am a good guitarist becuase last year i was a disaster. Like tips, personal experience, song recommendations all appreciated.

thank you
play a santana song, and in the middle play chris brodericks entry for guitar world's betcha cant play this.


impressive enough?
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I think you may be in the wrong forum...
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