This is a double post because it applies to 2 forums so please dont get angry.

I am a guitarist, decent, been playing for 3 years, I like santana a lot, i play quite a few santana songs on the guitar. I wanted to team up with a friend of mine who plays guitar, know nothing about timing, yet for the song fear of the dark wanted to have lead guitar parts, I refused and told him he needs to play chords and backgrounds, i guess he didnt like that and i just old him adios today and let him go. Looking through yahoo answers i see him posting a question about him having a drummer, guitarist, keyboardist and a bass player and wanting to play a song. THIS MADE ME OUTRAGEOUSLY PISSED. He cant just come and steal my drummer and play, hes suge a ****er sorry for my language but i am outraged. I am guessing he wants to compete with me but i want to ****ing get his throught and choke him. LIKE he has no right to do that. I wanted to know of a good song to play at my schools battle of the bands. I personally love love love santana, but am worried about not having a rhythm guitar and leaving it to the keyboards, would it sound good, with the keyboards doing the rhythm. Also, i am worried the songs like europa and santana songs seem to easy on the guitar. Its usually those heavy metal songs that get the crowd involved. Like i want to prove to the crowd i am a good guitarist becuase last year i was a disaster. Like tips, personal experience, song recommendations all appreciated.

thank you
The only band I could think of that you could use keyboards for rhythm is Children of Bodom. It's quite tough, but I'm sure you could pull it off.

Sorry about your guitarist...and sorry if I didn't answer your question.
1.) Don't "want to have his throat".
2.) Proving to a crowd that you can play guitar is not what musicianship is all about.
3.) If you don't know if the keyboards will work properly, go practice with your keyboardist and see.
4.) Don't post the same thread twice. It doesn't matter whether it applies to 2 forums or not.
5.) Try using punctuation, capital letters, and correct spelling/grammar next time?

... *having a bad night* ...

But really, it's not all about proving you're the better guitarist. Work it out with your keyboardist. And let the drummer play for both.