The song is called Locusts and its in my profile. It started out as somewhat of a joke but I followed through and I'm actually really happy with the end result.

so please listen and comment, and be sure to leave a link if you want a crit back.
It's heavy, but extremely muddy. Try backing out on the gain & fuzz, and then multi tracking the guitar for a better sound, it'll usually sound cleaner but -massive-.
The solo was sweet, I wish the growls were louder with more treble to them.

Edit: The intro was the only really muddy part, now that I'm farther in the song, just to clear things up a bit.

Do you listen to a lot of Dismember?

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i think if u turned the distortion down a bit on the guitar its would song a bit less muddy.
also on the intro there is just a random high pitch sqeal its seems out of place in there, and again at the end of the solo about 3/4 of the way in the song @ 2:18 it ends on a high pitched note and doesnt realy work for me.

but other then that i think its a good song man, keep it up.

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I like this alot. the riff is pretty cool and the arppegios 120ish just made my day man, I need to learn to play like that lol. but only thing thats bad is the distoriton turn it down a bit man. good job


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keep the distortion i like it
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i was expecting crap. this is awesome.
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I thought the distortion was okay, it suited the song IMO. Some nice riffing there, but as zultone said, multitrack the guitars, it does make a big difference.

I loved all your soloing in there, especially the one at 1:53. The backing riff around that time is also excellent. Maybe you could bring out the lead just a little more though. Loved how you varied the riff a little bit after that solo finished, too. The lead part and the powerchords at the end seemed like a fitting end aswell, nicely done.

Thanks for critting mine!