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ibanez SZR720
5 56%
ibanez ART500
4 44%
Voters: 9.
ok so heres the deal, im getting a new guitar, the budget is 600 canadian. ive seen the ibanez line of guitars new to this year, i really like them. dont ask about the amp, im gonna get a new one soon and its going to be more than 600 so might aswell get a guitar instead. (my parents are buying it for me ) i play metal/metalcore/hardcore/melodic death metal. now i knoe the norm emgs but i hate them with a passion and the only active pickup ill touch is a seymour duncan blackout. here are the two guitars




both are at around the same price as i have found out. to find specs go on the ibanez site and look becuase everyhting has the same link so theres no point.
anyone got any opinions?? if theres a differnt guitar what one should i get?? i can go a little bit of 600 btw
SZ... the neck joint on the SZR looks awfully uncomfortable to me, and I haven't tried the ART.
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