hey guys, i just went from 9 guage strings to 10 on my ibanez RGT42DX, it has the edge trem. I have the tension screws in all the way, but the back end of the bridge is still sticking up, anyone know why this would be?
have you changed to heavier gauges? i tried that once and the resulting tension yanked the whole think out
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put another spring in

]I think this man has it.

I second that. Three votes for a new spring!
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have you changed to heavier gauges? i tried that once and the resulting tension yanked the whole think out

Reread TS' post
higher guage= more tension= the whammy needs to pull on the strings harder
Get another spring. It shouldn't be maxed out already at gauge 10 unless you're tuned 2 octaves higher
yeah your right, but its not an octave high, i have 2 extra springs ill stick in there
I'm not entirely sure I understood your post stating 'they're in all the way' so I'd like to ask for clarification... Did you mean the trem springs are at full tension, or you've fully tightened the fine-tuning screws on the trem itself?

Because I'd imagine at full tension the springs in your tremolo could easily accomodate .10s unless you're tuned very sharp...
i meant the screws to pull the springs in are all the way in, im not sure what to do, you cant add more than 3 springs.
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put another spring in

My Ibanez has space only for three springs.
New springs perhaps?
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I've noticed something myself

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yeah im not really sure what to do, other than get heavier duty springs if thats even possible.
Did you stretch your strings?
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Are the threads showing on the screws? they are on mine, but i seriously cannot get them to screw in any further, also another solution, since the threads are showing, i could take it out and shave down the end of the screw so i can screw it in until the threads arent showing anymore.
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yeah my guitar can also fit only 3 springs, anyone know what i can do?

what do you mean? im pretty sure you can remove that spring cover that ibanez puts over the trem block's spring holes, and use the screw holes for an extra two spaces. that is, unless your spring claw only has 3 hooks for whatever odd reason.

I wouldn't mess with the claw screws.
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the claw has a spot for 5 springs, i thought about removing the screws on the bridge clamp thing, because it will fit 5 springs perfect, but i wasn't sure if they would pop out or not. people are saying theirs works with 3, so mine should to
Every (or most, at least) other trem system comes without a cover. also, those springs are in there with a lot of tension, they arent coming out soon. if you are still worried, just add another spring, and put the spring plate on with the remaining screw hole.
added another spring, but its just a weak one from an old squier, its nearly perfect but its still a bit high, ill but another one in there, by the way the guage of the strings are 10, 13, 17, 30, 42, 52
Fine tune it by tightening up the springs just a hair then re-tune. With 3 you should be good to go.

But is it all the way in? Or is it just to where the threads stop? if its all the way where the screws have no more room then you'll need one more spring.
Also, tune all the way down before tightening springs, instead of just leaving them up
im too scared to change my strings coz of this.
so i take it to the music shop lol