I did a search and didn't find anything so I'm sorry if this gets asked 100 times a week.

I'm trying out for this fairly established band in my scene. They gave me 10 of their songs to learn, I learned them all and we jammed tonight. I think I messed up about a thousand times, but I did manage to get a second audition, tomorrow night.

The problem is that I have really bad luck with bands (long story) so I don't have much experience playing with other musicians. I can get it right following the CD but when I'm the only one playing my part, it's soo much harder.

So I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips for playing with others, getting the timing right and such.
i only tip i can give is just get into the music, and forget that you are auditioning, and imagine it's just you jamming again.
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i was the same way, it took me a long time to get used to it. i was never able to get over till i started playing the style that i really liked. it may just take finding something you can really get into. and everytime you play with someone you get more used to their style and rhythm. time is huge too, just give it time.
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yeah man, your probly focusing on them and not your guitar. just relax and do your thing

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Sometimes the problem is that the CD gives you cues to the arrangement that you don't as readily get in a live situation.

I find when I'm learning a song that it helps to write down the arrangement. You'll make a better impression coming in with a notebook with notes written down and playing it right than you will coming in with no notes and making it apparent that you don't seem to know the arrangements.

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Try practicing without the cd playing, but by timing yourself.
Concentrate on timing certain parts, or timing it all down to the right second.
It will help you recognize the right tempo without relying on the other instruments.
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dude stop judging yourelf just relax and let the music become your heart beat
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That is the most important thing. Listen to what everyone else is doing. Know your part, your place. You'll be fine if you just listen and keep the groove.

this is THE most important thing you can do when jamming with other honestly. listen to them and your part will become second nature.
Play along with a drum machine or metronome and just play your parts. My daughter fills in on bass with us at some gigs and she doesnt miss a beat because she never really plays to the song when practicing but to a steady beat.

I mention my Daughter because if a 15 year old (even at 14) can play originals live so can you!!!

Are you a good guitarist? If so say this to yourself the next time you walk in to audition, "Im auditioning them" and then go kick some butt.

If you said "I dont know" to being a good guitarist get your confidence up. Bands (at least this is how I do it) generally want you back a second time because first auditions can be rough for everyone. Keep your schedule somewhat open that day you dont want to be running around and not have a chance to relax yourself to get a good practice in beforehand.

Good Luck Man!

Oh yeah and dont second guess while your playing, if you do then youll probably missed something lol. And when you play with the band trust that there parts will be there on time. Nothing more irratating than someone jumping the beat.