hey i took off all the strings on my guitar...cleaned it....and put on only the 5th and 6th strings...ill put the rest up tomorrow coz the only set of strings that i have is heavy gauge.....I use 9s.......

will this somehow be bad for my guitar???
i heard it's not good because of the tension on the neck.

if anything, i would put on the 1st and 6th strings so it will be on both sides of the neck.
lol 9s arent heavy roflmfao!!! but neway it shouldnt do much cept u mite have to check ur neck angle (theres another word for it but i cant think of it rite now) in like a year or 2 depending on how often u change strings
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I'd detune them a few steps if they have to be on.

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who said 9s where heavy?.....what i meant was i use 9s on my guitar and the strings i have are a heavier gauge than 9s......

thanx 4 the help guys!