On average how long does it take you to learn a song on guitar. I know some songs take more time than others thats why I asked for average.

I'm kind of a slow learner, it takes me about 45 minutes.
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It would take me about half an hour to learn a song like Matchbox 20's "3am"

It would take me hours or days to learn a song from one of Metallica's first three albums.
Depends on the song.....
if its a long ass song.... well about an hour for me
but if its just like basically chords and powerchords like 5 minutes....
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depends, I learned the song Reptilia by the strokes in like 5 minutes, but I've been working on the song Constant Motion by Dream Theater for like 2 days now.
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Depends. If it's relatively repititious, and short. It could take no more than a week or two. If it's something with little repitition, and very demanding for someone of my skills (Bach Preludes, for example) then it could take months before I'm actually able to play it good enough to where I'd be comfortable playing it in front of people.

Also, it depends what you mean by "learn". I memorize pieces fairly quickly. I learn them at a correct tempo eventually. And playing it comfortably with no mistakes, without becoming overly tired comes last.

I started this piece over half a year ago. I have memorized it, play it on tempo, but I still struggle with it, and will make mistakes from time to time.

Like, if domeone where to teach me how to play, i dunno, a day to learn to move my hands fast, that takes me awhile.
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It took me a few days to get the Foo Fighter's "Aurora" down. Same with "Dee," "Classical Gas," and the intro to "Crazy on You."

On the other hand, I learned Thin Lizzy's "Cowboy Song" in about twenty minutes last night.
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I always get fed up learning songs and always just end up learning a few riffs from them. I still don't know any whole songs.
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However long the song is.

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Depends on how hard the song is, really...usually about 45 minutes, though. Lately, though, I've been working more on writing my own songs.
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im surprised no one has said it yet, and seems as i dont play guitar (properly) i will

If I learn songs/solos from my teacher, half an hour.

If I teach myself, I'll either learn the whole piece without any breaks or anything, or I'll learn it for five minutes, get bored, and come back to it a week later. I'm currently working on Gemini and I only know about half of it after a month, in which I learned the first minute in my first learning, and then another 20 seconds or so in the second one. Hopefully I'll finish it soon.
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I thought this was about something TOTALLY different.

If I'm not being lazy and actually try to learn the song, probably 30 - 45 minutes. If I just fuck around then it could take me weeks.
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A while to completely memorize all the parts and order of somewhat complex songs.
I learned all of "Whitewash", and most of "I Love My Parents" in like 1-2 days.
I'm currently working on "Binge and Grab" which is a toughy.
Oh, all of which are by Buckethead (Binge and Grab was with the Deli Creeps).
Depends on the song, really. I can learn some songs in 15 minutes, and some songs like the second solo of Comfortably Numb or Key to the Highway, took me several days to master them properly, to feel comfortable enough to play them live.
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