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Yeah, I play Dungeons and Dragons too.
2 20%
I PWN, I play WOW.
1 10%
I roleplay, You can be the sexy nurse and I'll...
1 10%
I don't roleplay.
6 60%
Voters: 10.
Like a few months ago I start playing a particular game. A game know as Dungeons and Dragons. I thought it was going to be the dumbest thing ever, turns out it wasn't, and I have found myself playing like once a week.

Any other UG's roleplay?
'ell and yes.
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Hell yeah, I play Warhammer 40K and Fantasy ^_^, and I watch anime from time to time, and I enjoy science/math...when I understand it.
I'm a total geek, RPG's are great fun.
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