Hey all quick question:

I have a killer deal on my hands for a pretty much brand new Mexican strat with a SSH pickup set up (duncans), only thing is the truss rod is broken. It's a good enough deal where I could afford to get a really nice neck and still be under the standard price of this thing, but if I wanted to replace the truss rod, would that be a huge hassle?

Thanks for any help.

you only have to remove the fretboard, put a new rod in, set it straight, then reattach the fretboard. but good luck gettin it off. a luthier would be able to do it for you tho
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i would 4get about it. it would cost way more to than than just buy a new one
??? It would be cheaper than buying a new strat even if i replaced the neck with a ridiculous neck like Ziricote Fretboard backed by Wenge wood or something. That would still have my total bill under 500 bucks. This guitar new would sell for more than that. It would be close if it werent for the Duncans in it, but nah, this deal is killer. I'm talking like 200 dollars for the guitar, and it's a few months old.

Those should help, unless your guitar has a 1 peice neck, then you'll probably have to route the skunkstripe away, and then put a new skunk stripe in it's place.

Since the truss rod is broken, I'd recommend trying to remove the fretboard yourself. If you screw up, it's not like you've ruined a perfectly good neck.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Yeah, as long as you've got bucketloads of patience it isn't that difficult to do. Always a useful skill to learn too.

Depending how long it's been broken, the neck may have warped a little in which case just pick up a replacement neck - even a cheapo one will be on a par with the Mex ones anyway, so you can't really lose.
it would be cheaper to buy a new strat ? what the hell a truss rod only cost about £10.
i got the guitar! it is a one piece neck. So I am going to have to rout the skunk stripe out to replace the truss rod... any tips on this???