I see lots of covers of acoustic songs that are toned down, meaning that they are just strumming simple patterns, and just doing basic major chords, instead of the variations of it and variations of strumming pattern. It's like the same strumming pattern for the whole song with singing accompanied.

For me it just seemed like watered down, and I try to cover acoustic songs as close to the same as possible, or it sounds too ****ing generic.
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Play it however you like it...for me personally it depends on the song...Sometimes I like it exact, or I'll change it more to my liking...a cover is an interpretation of a pre-existing song, so, it's however you interpret it.
I try to play them the same unless I need to change it to be able to play/sing at the same time, in which case I tend to simplify the strumming pattern.
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thats an interesting point of view, i think when their doing basic chords and strummin, people are trying to catch the essence of the songwriting, not the guitar-work.
but doing songs how they are originally is better at times.
if i could play and sing Littlewing like he does on Axis:bold as love I would, but you just gotta settle for what your capable of sometimes.
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I usually try to do the same strumming pattern and stuff as the original. Sometimes if the song is really basic, I spice up the left hand with little rhythmic figures.
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really depends on the song, i change up the strumming, try to make it a little more personal
just whatever feels right. sometimes you have musical thoughts different than what's on the page and impliment those into what youre playing
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i usually use a different timbre than the original. also depending on the complexity of the song and if im singing it or not then i may very well change it (although i do like to keep it pretty close to the original) also if a song is simply all in 5ths i might do the full triads instead to fill out the song more. each song is unique and i change it in its own way.