So, just seeking some advice on what the UGers believe a wise next step would be.

First, I have a Jackson RR5, and today just bought a Epiphone Les Paul sunburst. I play lots of styles, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, some Avenged Sevenfold, and then even stuff like Pink Floyd, so its a varied sound.

I currently own a Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket tube amp, 15W I believe, along with a POD 2.0 effects thing with floorboard. I mostly use that for the reverb and such, because the Mesa doesn't have any built-in effects or such. However, after testing out a couple other amps today, i'm tempted to upgrade. I played a Peavey Valveking for awhile, and really liked the sounds I could get out of it, and it was only about 500 dollars. However, when I was trying out Epis and some Gibbys, I played through a Fender DeVille, and got some pretty nice sounds out of that too; however, that was 800 dollars. Is there much difference between those 2, or should I just keep this Subway Rocket?
try a B-52 tube amp. they sound similar to mesa, but a fraction of the price, the AT-112 is a 60W tube combo that will run you about $550 USD before tax. they have great cleans on the same level as Fender, but distortion that is at the same level if not better than Marshall... so try looking into that one maybe
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Oh, yeah, I remember playing a B-52 half-stack, it was AMAZING, but my local GC didn't have a combo one, and the half stack was like 1200 bucks... grrr.
But you are correct, perhaps a better comparison would be the B-52 and the Valveking, that DeVille was amazing, but 800 dollars may be too much... unless its that much better.