Right, my band is considering on covering a Motorhead song (probably Overkill), and I was just wondering if there was any particular guitar I should use to get the right sound - should i stick with my Dean VMNT1 or should I use my Squire or what?

Many people told me that I should ise the squire to record it with. I just wanna get as many people's opinions as poissible.

Thanks everyone

p.s. don't bitch at me for covering Motorhead because I now full well thats its nearly impossible to do successfully! XD
I dont really know the sound or moterhead , but im almost positive you shouldnt use the squier
well live id just use your guitar you usually use. if its recording, id see if the studio or someone you know has a guitar closer to what motorheads guitarist uses and borrow it for a day or 2 to record that song. if you still cant, id just keep going with the dean.
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Dude definitely go with the dean!
Your band is covering a song, but like you said that is far fetch as to covering the exact sound. I'd rather listen to my motorhead cd than a cover! But,..I would buy a ticket to your
show if you cover a motorhead song with what you play best and with your own feel! Get it!!!
Does your squier have a humbucker?

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What amp are you using? That makes a lot more of a difference than your guitar does.
I'm pretty sure Motorhead's guitarist used to use Strats (now Lemmy and the guitarist use Minarik inferno guitars, with humbuckers) so if you're recording, either borrow/rent/whatever a fender american strat or something of equal quality (Carvin Bolt, Fender Japan, Levinson Blade etc) though live I'd use the VNMT as squier (unless it's affinity series) won't get that alder tone and unless it's been modded (new pickups, tuners, bridge etc) it won't hold up too well live.
Cheers Punk_Ninja

I'd imagine I could get the right tone with my VMNT1 if I just fiddled around with the amp settings a bit but i just really wanted everyone's opinion here first - I'm still a complete n00b when it comes to some of the technical stuff haha. At least we've got it sussed with the bass tone since I'm borrowing my friend's Rickenbacker 4002
Yeah the Dean'll be fine, as Danno13 said, it's all from the amp. Get the settings right and you'll do it fine.
Though if you're looking for accuracy in their tone, mimic their gear as best as you can.
iron maiden and motorhead used fat strats (humbucker equipped strats)
dude why are you asking a forum? just play whatever guitar sounds the best to YOU.
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Other people's opinions are always good to take heed of

And also because if I'm covering something like Motorhead, I don't want it to sound too low-end or whatever. Otherwise I'll get gangs of pissed off Motorhead fans at my door armed with molotov cocktails and pitchforks.