ever heard of the software called reason? its a program where you can create an entire song with different parts, instruments etc. i did this "discovery day" at wollongong university in NSW australia and they showed us alot of the programs that they use, what the course involves (music composition and sound production) seemed great, but it takes an interview to get in, so i want to start now to get some compositions together, i've done guitar and stuff, but recorded full songs.

so would I be able to get this program in shops? or would i need to order it from somewhere. Remember, I'm in Australia.
Propellerhead Reason, im not sure, you might have to order it from somewhere
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hey there,
i use reason in college, its awesome for midi work like u described.
i dont know where to get it but have you considered google'ing it?
google has everything.

im happy to help if you need any help with the software, im not master at it (only been using it for 3 months and am still learning)

Nathy x
ok thanks twisted wishes. i googled it and didn't really find much. i did it before i posted this thread. oh well. I'll figure it out, order it or whatever, i really want it, and i'll get it before i start uni.
Ok then, ill help you find it if you want, ill ask my tutor about it, im sure my mate has the disk :/
Yeah, Propellerhead Reason, order it from their site. Be prepared to pay a lot.

I think Reason 4 goes at about 730 AUD