The guy at guitar center said the 410 would cut through the mix more. I'm used to the 12 inch speaker, but I can try new things.

I play in pit orchestras and a jazz band.

Home life, I fiddle around with Stevie Ray, Jonny Lang, etc.

I don't use pedals. Unless it is the compressor.

I use both single coil and double coil guitars.

Given all that information...what would be the ideal amp? They both weigh in the same amount, and the EQs, inputs, send/returns- they are all the same. I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONE TO PICK!

212 is cheaper by about 50usd though.
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well for orchestral stuff i would say 212, it just has more body. but the 410 would definitely cut through better. 10's have a more trebly tone while 12's lean more towards a bassy tone.
The 4X10 is heard to have more Bass responce, and more speakers = more pushed air = louder. So if you have that $50 more for the 4X10, get it.
Put that 2x12 on an amp stand, and it'll cut thru the mix just as well as the 4x10. With a 60W amp, you're not going to be having a lot of trouble in that regard, anyway.

I'd suggest the 2x12 for a couple reasons. First is that if you ever look to replace the speakers in the amp, it'll be cheaper to replace 2 12's, and you'll have a much wider selection of speakers to choose from. I also think the 2x12 will be easier to sell should the time come. True of not, the perception is that a 4x10 is a lot bigger than a 2x12, and people in search of combos usually aren't looking for a stack in a box.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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Well they're both bad amps!

But if you must get a 2x12, imo they sound much better, the 4x10 I had (and other amps with 10s) don't cut through as much! They tend to be very loose and bassy.
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