I just wrote this in the last hour or something.
It's Acoustic with Synth Strings accompanying it.
It's a pretty basic song, and I have yet to add vocals.
I plan on recording this soon.

Thoughts, Suggestions ?
I realise how short it is, but I'm happy with it.

C4C of course.

~Loki <3
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The_Bass_Poet, I want your babies.
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Its very nice. Calming'n stuff.
But dude, you are the bass poet.. Where is the bass dude? where is the bass?

I didn't want Bass in this song.
The Bass Poet was my name from when I first started playing Bass.
Now I play Guitar, Bass, Drums, and some keyboard/piano stuff.

But I will always keep the same name.

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~ Please Crit One Of My Songs? ~

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The_Bass_Poet, I want your babies.
Awsome man, very simple, very calming.
I love mellow acoustic stuff like this.
hope you dont mind, but what is the song about?
post a link to the lyrics once you get them?

just a suggestion, but maybe make an alternate version with a lead? maybe put it somewhere around the middle of the song to sort of make like a climax.
either way i thought it was awsome
good stuff man, i enjoed it.

work in progress.
I'm trying to write some lyrics right now, but no luck yet.

And I think I will write a lead part. Maybe even Bass, But I really want to keep this song simple.

What kind of lead though ?
A melody?
Or an alternate picking pattern?

Or even a rythm guitar strumming quietly.

Thanks again.

~Loki <3
~ Please Crit One Of My Songs? ~

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The_Bass_Poet, I want your babies.
i dont think you should add bass, but again you could try it and see how it sounds.
i think a nice, lead melody would be cool though.
maybe start it at 53, but then again you could put a lead through the whole song, either way.
look forward to see what you come up with.
yeah, its cool. but not as callming as the previous imo. but it is good, i like it. maybe you could slow down the rhythm in some parts to get the more calming feel back, maybe even stop the rhythm for like 4 bars once in there. but yeah, its very nice.
I think if you add bass and the acoustic strumming, then it definitely would need some sort of climactic lead, but if you leave those out, it achieves the calming effect.

Strumming gives it a more melancholy and sad feel and I think it's more emotional. Depends where you want to go with the lyrics.
If you add a bass, you could use an upright bass/contrabass thing that guitar pro has... I think it would work better than a regular electric bass. Overall it's a nice, mellow song. I think it drones a little, but lyrics would probably fix that.

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nice piece. it is indeed very relaxing, it gets kind of boring at some point but if it is supposed to have lyrics then that's not a problem. Some leads would be great to .

mind critting mine? (new one in sig) Thanks.