OK well, I'm doing part of my music GCSE and this piece of coursework I have to use 2 or more instruments of the same musical family - strings (violins, guitars, etc.), brass (trumpets, french horns, etc.), well you get it. I've got two others which aren't as far through as this.

I had to be the awkward one and choose six string instruments. It's not finished I just wanted to get your opinion on it.

Thanks in advance.
Integrated Assignment 3.zip
I thought it was great, the lead and the clean guitar complimented each other very well, I think during the solo though, the bass could be a bit more interesting. Awesome work.


The specifiactions for your coursework were a lot less specific then mine....

But it's a good job. Idk what mark lol, I don't know what they really mark them on.