I seem to be having a problem with the equipment in my signature.
I get this massive feedback when I turn it up to about 3 on the amp and use the distortion on my ME50. It's like a pure squeal of feedback, regardless of how far the board is away from the amp, it's really annoying.
Also, I have a problem where the singer sometimes ends up coming through my amp! I realise this could be due to my pickups which will probably be unshielded, but I wouldn't imagine it would affect it to this extent?
Any help would be appreciated!
for the squeal try checking ur jacks and cables and turn the volume down on ur distortion pedal. set the distortions volume low (don't go over 3/4 of the way to full blast)and just crank the volume on the amp it comes outta. i have the boss dyna drive snd the ds1 and i set the volume on those to a little under half and then i hit my amp up to 4 or 5
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i had a problem like this, i went to get it fixed and i got charged £20, turns out my guitar was fine, i just had the presenceturned up way too high on my amp, so if u got that on your amp id check it
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I reckon it the Leads. But it could be anything really. Check the amp controls, dont have too much gain. Don't have pedals on max level/volume. Check leads. Check ME50 controls