Listen guitar and bass on RSE (advisable)
But drums Without RSE...
War Is Over
(If You Want It)


Accordion Muse S 384-K
Some pretty cool stuff here.
Cool drums in the intro.
But i do not like the chord prograssion you use on the muted riff. The rhythm is cool though.
On the final riff those 3 last chords every 2 bar is cool.
I'll be honest; I don't listen to any hardcore of any form, but I seriously love this song.
I was suprised when the song ended, I was still expecting some more face pummeling.

But yeah, this is a great work. It's simple, fast, heavy and above all, catchy. I really love the drumming as well. The riffs followed the same formula but were different enough to not seem repetitive. Although personally I would have liked a bass fill, bass slide, etc. somewhere in there. That's just me, though.