Hi, i am very new to guitar playing. I recently bought my first electric guitar. Its a really cheap SX Strat imitation and im just having a small problem with it. It came with a whammy bar (and various other accessories) but when i go to insert the whammy bar in the hole in the bridge, it's as if the bar is not made for this guitar. It goes in but it rattles around lose. i turn it clockwise for a bit but the thread never tightens it just stays lose and comes out (same with counter-clockwise).

Am i doing something wrong? is there a correct way to insert a whammy bar? (sorry if this is a really stupid question)

thx for your time
No, it's just cheap. If it tightened it would be hard to bring it up to whammy. If you want try sticking some paper down the side or something.
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