So, I was in my local guitar store yesterday, looking to throw some money around on maybe a new amp. But then I saw some nice 5-string basses, and thought "Why not?" - And ended up leaving the store, paying £129 for a Stagg 5-String Bass..

Thing is, i don't really know many songs that utilize the B, so this thread is basically to get some tips/advice on songs/excercises to get me used to the 5-String set-up.. If y'all understand what I mean? Hate to be a dweeb, but we all gotta start somewhere.

Rockstar by Nickelback music sheet said 5 string bass,
I look some more
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Only tab of Rockstar on here says it's played with a 4 in Drop D, Which I don't think is right, he uses a 5 I swear 0_o
I was the same way I walked into my local guitar shop and knew I was spending money and ended up with a samick 5 string bass for around 250.00 and then I picked up a used 100 watt amp for 150.00 so I took them to the register and ended up paying 325.00 for both thats what I call cusatomer service and first time buyer discount.
^ +1.

I do that and it not only sound bassier but it helps you get used to the B string. Playing on the lower strings is always good exercise, too.
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OR, if youre REALLY hardcore, you can try DROP C!!!!!!!!!!! TEH R0XXXX0RRRZZ!!!!!!!1111ONEONE!!!!111

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Try Using some G string notes on the B. MAke songs Easyier.
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i cant say a thing about how stagg is because i almost bought one. but i picked up a dean instead, now its gone and i got a squier Jazz deluxe. but anyways. i dont know what genres you like but i can suggest a few different ones.

Fear factory
Dream theater (some songs require a 6, so be careful)
Papa Roach
Nickelback, several songs require a 5. the rockstar tab can be played in E standard. its just easier on a 5 or in drop
most BLS is tuned Drop B, Bb or A. so its easier on a 5