ty, gonna get second one, it was hard enough to find that one and i prefer buying from uk shops (cheaper deliv etc), just hope it doesnt buzz, also do you think i need a preamp for shure sm57 mic?
yes every mic needs a preamp to run.
if you are plugging it into the mic port on your computer it may work fair but dont expect any great results.

I would suggest this:

and run the output of the mic preamp to the line in on your sound card. Once again, dont expect any great results but the better preamp will give a little better result.
moody, whats your set up and what would you recommend i use to get good reults apart from what youve already said. much appreciated ty.
what is your budget and what instruments are you planning on recording?

My setup:
Mics or instruments > Yamaha MG 10/2 mixer > M-audio 2496 PCI recording card > Acer Aspire T180 desktop PC > Reaper recording software.

All my recording gear, (DAW, mics, mixer, card, software, cables) totals to about $850.
acoustic and electric guitar + amp, want shure sm57 mic and my budgets about £200
MXL 990/991 condenser mic set, the two mics together are great for an acoustic guitar where the SD 991 is good for micing guitar cabs.
The 990 is also good for vocals.

I suggest the PCI card setup. It really does a nice job and is probably one of the lowest cost setups that will have phantom power for your mics.

990/991 mic set with preamp/phantom power: $100

2496 PCI card: $100

The "blem" will work just fine and will save you money so if you can get that, go for it.

Run the output of the preamp to the inputs of the PCI card using some RCA to phono cable:

Total comes to about $205 and will give a nice quality recording.