uraghhh! i've just gotten a cash in and now i have got about 700 dollars worth of green stuff! The problem is,i'm still short of 400-500 for my s470! *i'm in singapore,so guitars are stupidly expensive* and the only way i can get one is to wait for a 50% sale at the end of the year..and its gonna suck balls waiting another year...GOSH THIS SUCKS

so i've been dwindling around in singapore forums...you know,searching for 2nd hand s470s *guilty!*

i've really gone too despo with the cash in my hand...i've even resulted in almost buying a RG321MH!! not that their bad...by why do so when you can have a s470...

oh well,thanks for wasting your time on me...i appreciate it

three cheers for noobs!

EDIT:sorry...i'm slightly shaken..so yeah,don't think i'm crazy please! i'm just noob...
Wait it out, i know it must suck ha
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at least it's cheaper in singapore, here in malaysia a s470 would cost you about rm 1.9k, which would be uh... 950 singaporean dollars. jeez malaysia sucks
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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RM 1.9 for a s470??? are you sure?? i thought it was around RM1.2k..hehe depends where you are,here in penang some stores sell them for RM2k...
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Rm1.2!!!! Thats 600!! I Can Totally Afford It!
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I've read it twice but I still have no idea what you just said.
hmm, they're only around £330 over here...not really that expensive for an electric guitar
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green stuff= money? or weed? lol

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hmm, they're only around £330 over here...not really that expensive for an electric guitar

speak for yourself dude...1177 here...a guitar life sucks in singapore