Wich one is better?

a roland cube 30 or 60, or a 5 watts tube amp? like valve jr

If your going for a mini tube amp, go for an orange tiny terror.

But If you dont have 500 quid to spare Id say go with the roland
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If you don't know yet what genre you'll play most of the time it could more useful having a Cube around to play with the different sounds....
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if you're practicing, then probably the valve junior. but if its for practicing with a band, probably the roland 60.
A 5W tube amp is better for me. But I have a bunch of pedals, and I like sitting around the house cranking little amps. I also stick to mostly classic rock and blues tones, which those little 5W'ers do very nicely.

Now, if you're looking for an amp to jam covers with your buddies, the Cube 60 would probably be your best bet. If your brand new to guitar, the Cube might also be better for you to play with all the amps models and effects to figure out what you like.

Looking on Thomann.de, I see a few 15W tube combos right around the 300€ mark: The Laney LC15 and LC15R, or the Blackheart Handsome Devil. IMHO, this would be the best solution. But it depends on what you play, and where you want to play it.
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^ the last sentence there is key. what you want to play, and where. if you need the volume to get over a drummer, the cube 60 is going to be a better bet than a 5w tube amp. and if you play metal or anything with a good ammount of gain, then the cube will probably suit you better. but if you are more interested in cleans or a bit of grit then the tube amp is going to sound very nice for that. then again, if you have some nice pedals you can get more gain out of the tube amp and it would work for a bit of a heavier style. for me its the 5 watter every time, but i already have a gigging amp and i dont need too much gain. but everyone is different, so see what you need.