i play a fernandes hss strat through a marshall mg50dfx. the problem : when i play master of puppets, the palm mutes dont really sound clear and hear the individual notes like it is on the record. is there something wrong with my technique or is it my equipment??
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Ahhh, the Marshall MG.

Seriously, that will be the problem.

Dammit, beaten to it!!!

Yep sounds like your tone is way too muddy - of course thats not likely to be solved on an MG, but as said already fiddle round with your EQ to try and get a better sound from it
oh thanks people but i dont think its the amp because i have the same problem on every amp that ive played through. will try fiddle with the eq though
What's the other amps you've played through? Behringers, Spiders?
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yupp tinker with your EQ settings and try out different settings
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