Hello members of UG, This is a message from Anonymous concerning Scientology, and not worthless spam or copypasta. I know a mod is probably reading this about to ban, and I want to let them know that none of us are militant atheists persecuting religious beliefs (The Church of Scientology and the RTC are a seperate entity from Scientology itself) or tinfoil hat weirdos and for the first time ever people are joining in not just for the lulz.

Allow for something other than a "[something] the user above you" thread at least just once.

Contrary to the assumptions of the media, Anonymous is not "a group of super hackers". Anonymous is a collective of individuals united by an awareness that someone must do the right thing, that someone must bring light to the darkness, that someone must open the eyes of a public that has slumbered for far too long, that someone must counter assholes with great lulz.

Among our numbers you will find individuals from all walks of life - lawyers, parents, IT professionals, members of law enforcement, college and graduate students, veterinary technicians and more. Anonymous is everyone and everywhere. We have no leaders, no single entity directing us - only the collective outrage of individuals, guiding our hand in the current efforts to bring awareness.

We want you to be aware of the very real dangers of Scientology. We want you to know about the gross human rights violations committed by this cult. We want you to know about Lisa McPhearson. We want you to know about former members of Scientology's private navy, SeaOrg, who were forced to have abortions so that they could continue in service to the church. We want you to know about Scientology's use of child labor and their gulags. We want you to know about Operation Freakout and Paulette Cooper. We want you to know about Operation Snow White and Scientology's efforts to infiltrate the government of the United States of America, and how they took over the city of Clearwater, FL
-> www.xenu.net or wiki Operation Freakout, Operation Snow White and Operation Normandy if you want to learn more.

We want you to know about all of these things that have been swept under the rug for far too long. The information is out there. It is yours for the taking. Arm yourself with knowledge.

We leave open an option for current Scientologists to join FreeZone, an almost identical study of the beliefs, without the demand for ridiculous sums of money to advance to a higher level.

Be very wary of the 10th of February. Anonymous invites you to join us in an act of solidarity. Anonymous invites you to take up the banner of free speech, of human rights, of family and freedom. Join us in protest outside of Scientology centers world wide.

Check for a location near you here -> http://harbl.wetfish.net/cosplay/ <- and don't be afraid to turn up, almost every location will have at least a few hundred

I'd go, but I have no money to get there.


It'll be interesting to see what happens though, hopefully it'll get publicity and people will actually see how sucky the CoS is.