you know the nut the keeps the input thingy in its place?
without it the jack keeps going inside the guitar and is a nuisance tryin to sort it out!
anyone know where i can find one?
ive tried a few guitar parts shops online and my local store but no luck.

help appreciated
i got a nut of a ceiling fan that is the exact same size, but it was on a electric acoustic.
so it mite be too big on a electric. it fits the input thread, but is slightly bigger than the proper nut.

try a hardware store or something
Yeah, I'd go to a diy store or something. That would be your best bet. You could probably order direct from epiphone, but that would probaly cost more than the guitar!!!
Just go to Lowes. Or you could buy a 1/4" jack at Radio Shack and just use the nut.