No pun intended but my Squier Tele gave me a shock last night. Quite a stingy static shock through the bridge. How come this happened? I get a lot of buzz through the guitar until I touch a part of the guitar such as the bridge, strings, or tuners so obviously I am creating some sort of circuit or something. Is there any way I can sort this problem out? Don't say get rid of the guitar, because I will be soon, as I'm going to get a Standard Tele, or something, but I like the tone I get from this one, and want to get the best out of it until I get a new guitar.
Most likely cause is that the grounding wire came loose. Unfortunately I don't have a Tele so I'm not sure where the grounding wire is on it.
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I'd say it was the amp actually, the grounding wire is attached to the bridge in order to ground any nasty currents from the amp that can't be grounded through the plug, which generally means through you
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id say u need to take a look at ur earth wire when not plugged in

Which one is the earth wire? I'm not clued up on electronics, even the relatively simple guitar ones.
This happens to me all the time T_T

It's connected to my mixer>computer though, so in this case, I'd say your amp is to blame. Take it into an electrical store and have them check the wiring. For an amplifier, I'd say they'll charge about £15 and will probably have it done for you within the hour.

??no pun intended??

please explain.
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??no pun intended??

please explain.

Cos people would probably go "omgz, u R shoCKZED cuz u gutz a SquireZZZZ lulzz!!"

Anyway, I just tried out my little brothers Squier Strat and although there is buzz which stps when you make contact with a metal point on the guitar, the initial buzz is nowhere near as severe, and there was no static shock. So is it possible it may just be the cheap guitar?
Either something with the amp or the guitar's grounding.

If you're confident, try www.guitarnuts.com and attempt the 'quieting the beast's sister' article on your guitar, should reduce all hum and prevent shocking if done correctly.
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