i just got a fender strat, i was wondering what a good brand of strings are for it, i like ernie balls for my les paul and paul reed, would they be good for a strat or should i stick with the bullets, love that twangy strat sound dont want to lose it . thanks
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DR (last longer, sounds better), bullets are crappy, they're getting rusty very fast and your tone goes off after couple of hours.
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look all i wanted was for someone to give me advice on what to do not to slag me off ok

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or just regular 10's are good. That's what I use...
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Definitely DRs. When I first tried the DRs a year ago, I never stopped using them. Quality strings. Cheaper too.

Yeah, I agree that the Fender bullets really suck. Used to have them on my strat, before I went through alot of changes, and finally stayed constant with DRs. Awesome strings.
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