Several months ago I finally bought my first electric (Washburn X10) and a Zoom G1 multi-effect pedal, which I connected through my computer (I sometimes run Amplitube 2) and into my stereo. I'm cheap, I know, and living in Bulgaria only makes it worse.
I've been wondering lately: what gear should I get now? My top priority, of course, would obviously be a decent amp, but then... what next? What pedals should I get, having in mind that I play metal (mainly melodic death and power)? (I've set my eye on a Digitech Whammy-Wah I saw on eBay, linked to in some thread a while ago, but I wonder if I'd ever have the chance to get one).
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amp...possibly wah wah?

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The amps gonna run you alot of money depending on which one you get. G1s, by comparsion to many nicer analog single efx have much better sound. So you will probably find yourself liking efx with better sound. it really depends more on the amp your looking into.