So I am writing this song for a movie a friend of mine is making. I used some good guitars and amps on it so I figured I would post what I have so far.

I still need to put the bass track in and I need to add some background vocals and cymbals as well.

There is one acoustic guitar (a 1979 Guild D-55, back when it was a custom order and was cheapened up)

It is mic'd with a Neuman TLM-103 and a Rode NT-1 through a Digitech VTP-1 stereo tube preamp - this pre is super affordable and was made back in the 80's. It's a great pro level pre and can be found cheap because it's 'Digitech'. It was rebranded as a DBX model and they doubled the price.

The vocals (and I use the term loosely!) I recorded with a Neuman TLM-103 through a Universal Audio 610 (my fav pre). They are one take and a little off in places.

The electric guitar (one take lots of mistakes) is a 73 Tele Custom through a Vibrolux. No effects. Miced with a Shure SM-58 with the screen removed through the UA 610.

I find if I put the neck humbucker on 8 and the bridge on 10 it can sound kinda strat like if you play on the neck and tele like if you play over the bridge.

I was going for a Mark Knopfler, Robbie Robertson, Tommy Tedesco, Steve Cropper thing in the style.

There is a Dano U2 in there that I ran through a 64 Fender Dual Showman mic'd with a MXL V69 that I put a groove tube in (big difference for $15.00!). The cab was an old Fender 2x12 with old Altec Lansings I got out of an old Ampeg cabinet.

It's not perfect but I think it's coming along.

It's in my profile called 'Time Starts Now'

Don't bash too hard, at least I posted something!
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