hi.. sorry 4 nood question here.. but is there any rules in pairing of head and cab? do the cab must be the same (or model) as the head? or u can jz pair any kind that u like? how about the wattage? can a 100w head paired wit 1x12 cab? can u guys explainded it 2 me or jz gimme any web link dat xplains em?

never reali know bout head and cabs.. i think i saw nightwish in their latest MV using a mesa head and a marshall cab..

anyway, thanx in advance..
You need to match the ohms (as stated above), but many heads have options for different ohm outputs, so that they can be matched with a wider variety of cabs. The cab has to be able to handle the amp's wattage output. So you could put a 100W head on a 1x12, provided that the speaker can handle 100W.

Those are the only rules. You can mix and match brands to your heart's content.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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