I finally got the Stairway to Heaven solo down pat after about a month (and a half?) anyway.. what are some solos in that difficulty range that could help inprove my chops?
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Almost any Ac/dc solos.
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crazy train is really easy
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Alot of punk-rock solos (considering the band can solo) such as Social D, Greenday,etc. Also grunge like Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine solos arent too hard
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Rather than just learning as many easy solos as you can, find something hard and pick it apart piece by piece and learn it in really small chunks, practicing with a metronome until you have the entire thing nailed.

Try doing this with the solo from Tornado of Souls by Megadeth.
the easy solo's don't usually get you far, like cowboyup said, just pick something harder than you are capable of and practice it in parts

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