Hey guys, I've decided to finally bite the bullet so to speak and get the Ernie Ball Musicman JP6 For real this time

I'm still a few bucks short and during the time I try to make that, I just wanted to ask if there is a significant difference between the standard JP6 (fully-loaded) and the BFR version aside from looks.

Here's a comparison:

There's quite a big difference with the pricing between the two fully loaded versions; the BFR costs almost 1k more than the standard version with the Mystic Dream finish. They're both aesthetically pleasing to me anyway but I believe the BFR model has a different body wood and the arm cutaway is less prominent.
The BFR has a sound with a lot more mid frequencies because of the different body wood. Its a bit of a fuller sound than the standard JP. Another reason is that wonderful finish the BFRs have. Yum. Also some of the BFRs are baritone scale, although judging from those pics its standard scale. But if you've only got enough for the JP, go for it, you won't be disappointed at all.
The only bad thing i have heard about the BFR is that it´s has a painted neck, but still both are fine guitars! The BFR has a painted neck, Alder body and better finish, and the standard has an un-painted neck, Basswood body. It´s a tough choice! But i think i would go for the BFR it´s got such a nicer finish! and the painted neck shouldn´t slow you down.
EDIT: Okay i see that´s it´s a 1000$ difference so i think that i would go with the standard one:P Just because the standard one is so expensive to start with! Why pay another 1000$ for another finish and slightly different sound?
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Yeah, that's the reason I asked; the fully loaded versions are what I'm comparing and the finish on the BFR is pretty damn awesome but it's $1000 more! I also kinda miss the cutaway for the arm, it gives the guitar a bit more personality. I've tried them both and I gotta say, they are both incredible. The only thing missing is a coil-tap