Home by Chris Daughtry. Pretty easy to learn. I'm a begginer myself and it wasn't so hard for me to learn, it just needs practicing to be able to sing with it. Good luck
jack johnson songs are good to learn
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good riddance(i.e time of your life)- greenday
wonderwall - oasis
well bascially try a few oasis songs for open chord practice and a few greenday stuff for basic powerchords..its not the most 'interesting' songs to play but it should help with basic chord changes...its the first few songs i learned when i picked up a guitar cos they seemed the easiest, but its best if you go through your song collection and choose a few easy ones..it'll make it interesting..rather than play what other ppl tell you even though you hate the song
jack johnson songs have quite a few barre chords..if you think you can manage them you should try..but its best to master open chords and power chords and then move on to barre chords imo
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Try searching the threads, theres been tonnes of threads regarding good beginner songs.