I've been looking at multi fx processors for a while but i'm not sure which one i should get. I play any kind of music so i want one that would be versitile. Ive looked at a few, Boss GT-8, Digitech GNX3 and GNX4, but i'm not sure which one i should go for. Any suggestions for which one would be best or any other suggestions for other pedals are welcome.
BOSS blows them out of the water. Digitech sound like broken toys.
I'm selling a Gt-8 if your interested. There's a link in my sig.
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i have the boss gt-8 and have nothing bad to say about it. my favorite piece of gear. i haven't tried the gt-10 yet but i don't plan on getting one. buy the gt-8, you won't regret it
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Get the GT-8 and use individual pedals in the send/recv loop for distortion. The GNX3 is pretty cool and you can probably find a used one cheap. But the memory card for really using the 8 track recorder is about $50. I got my GNX3 for $100.