I'm looking at buying my first guitar. Some guys have gave me some great info on my other post.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone new anything about Washburn Electric Acoustics? I can't find any info online on it. Im looking at a 2002 Washburn EA8TBL Electric Acoustic. The guy says retail is 600 bucks. What do you guys think would be a good deal?

These are the details.
straight and smooth neck with adjustable truss rod, nice action. + white bound neck, 20 (.22 MM) frets on a rosewood fingerboard (very minor fret wear),43mm nut and white pearl dot inlay,no buzzing. + spruce top, nice grained back and sides with white binding front and back (binding beginning to age to ivory in color with NO separations or cracking). + rosewood bridge. + chromed die cast tuners and strap buttons. + B-band preamp electronics (9 volt battery included). hardcase is included.

$600 seems quite high for a new guitar with these specs. Perhaps the list price was $600 which means the guitar would have actually sold for around $400. I wouldn't pay more than say $150 for a used one even if it was in mint condition. But really I probably wouldn't but this guitar to begin with.

I'm just not a fan of acoustic-electric guitars in this low of a price range.