Ok..Ive been playing the guitar got about a year now and Im pretty disappointed with my self. I really think I should have progressed a lot more than I have. I can only play a few basic chords and barre chords and some pretty easy riffs and intros (smoke on the water, sweet child of mine, enter sandman) and thats all. I can't even play a full song.
I know absolutely nothing about theory or anything like that.

I really want to be able to play rock/metal style and just be able to play decent songs... I don't really want to do my own stuff.

Can anyone tell me what sort of techniques and songs I should be learning and in what order to do them? Providing links to where I could learn these would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, Im teaching myself and I know some of you will probably the say the best thing to do is to find a teacher. I realise this but I don't really have the money for lessons.

Check out www.justinguitar.com. Hes got a lot of great videos that can get you moving quicker. One of the most important things you should do is work on your hand strength and hes got some great exercises you can check out.

As for chords and such try learning some songs with open chords. It will not only get you familiar with the chords but you will get alot better at strumming. A song I suggest is Wonderwall by Oasis. Great song, easy song. First song I ever learned.

Anyway stick with practicing technique more than just learning songs. You will get better in no time.
look for free lessons across the internet to help with theory and new techniques. Actually some of the video lessons here on UG do a good job for techniques, and Josh Urbans Crusade lessons are Great too, but A site for theory off the top of my head is CyberFret.com
take the songs u like, break em down in smaller parts/riffs and learn a lil by little.. start with intro, then u learn next riff, both together, next riff, all 3 together, and rythm part for solo if u cant manage it yet
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check out a book called ''Speed mechanics for lead guitar'' by Troy Stetina.. its awesome, has all the basic principles of guitar from reading tab to playing awesome solos and riffs... check it out can get it on amazon
my best advice is dont expect to be amazing after only playing for one year. and an easy way to learn any song is break it into smaller parts and play them slow at first, not the actual speed of the song. it will be boring to do, but once you start playing these awesome riffs just as good as the people who wrote them, it will pay off
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Thanks for all the quick replies. The justin guitar site looks pretty good. Ill definitely be looking at the lessons there.

Thanks for the advice on breaking down the songs and slowing it down.

Thanks for the help!