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I don't know how to pigeonhole this band, but Wikipedia said they were metal. Whee.

DragonForce bugs me. One of my friends is a video game nerd, and he recently picked up Guitar Hero (III?). Now, he's completely obsessed with DragonForce. Er, actually, he's completely obsessed with that song "Through the Fire and Flames".

DragonForce has absolutely outstanding musical talent. No question about that. But, now he thinks that the best kind of music is music that is played at 240 BPM with guitar solos that last for seven minutes. I was sitting in my school's jazz band practice, and this nerdy alto sax player comes up to me and goes, "Heh heh, do you know any DragonForce?" I just kind of laughed and told him to go away.

As a jazz pianist/guitarist, I prefer the softer, more intricate solos to the searing, fuzzbox-powered guitar solos. I guess it's just a matter of opinion.
i agree, the epic soulful solos are heart warming, however it is cool to hear a blistering shredfest every occasion, adds some spice to the mix .. however nothing worse than a constant wave of notes for an hour
its nice to have songs that fast and played well, but theres also a **** load of other music that sounds waaay better when played slower. adds to the overall feel of the piece.
dragonforce - scarily talented people, good music

but can be described as "disneymetal" which in some respects is true

saw them live at the black crusade - wasnt that good at all - theyre a studio band, no doubt

i think that they should do a song with a tempo of <120 bpm, just to see what happens
dragonforce live is like if they slowed down the record like 190rpm, and decided not to play the solos as the drummer played randomness, I hate dragonforce
the thing that i hate about them is every song sounds the same..
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They have a ton of talent, but they just play to freakin fast. Its fun to hear that kind of music every once in a while, but there's just too much there. Plus i hate their vocals.
I like them.... As everyone else has said before all their songs sound the same....

My favorite song by them is Vally of the Damned...
add me if you wish...
I don't care what any of you lot say, "Sonic Firestorm" was a breath of fresh air iin the UK metal scene when it was release 3 odd years ago.

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Care to explain, it's not like there have been too many D'Force thraeads in ages?
^Ever couple of weeks one of these threads pops up somewhere, either it be the Pit, Music Talk, or here. There is no point in these threads anyway, all they are is some stupid idiot whining about how they don't like Dragonforce.
They're pretty ok, as long as you don't talk about them or listen to them too much... then they get a little annoying.
They're ok. Sometimes I enjoy them, while other times I find them to be the most monotonous band I have ever heard.

However, I think they're incredibly overrated. Everyone hails them as the gods of guitar, where there are many bands that are more talented from technical standpoint.
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i agree dragonforce is fun when you just want some nobrainer 3000 m/h "i am riding on a dragon into the battle against the orcs" shredfest ultimo extreme powermetal, but not all day, every day. when i first heard them i was like "WOOOOW!! this is great! i gotta hear some more! give me some more!" after a few weeks you just need something else besides them...
DragonForce is an amazing band, one of my favorites and are incredibly talented, especially herman li. It does get kind of annoying how non-music people are like "haha i played dragonforce on expert that makes me a fan" cause I was a big fan of them before Guitar hero III came out.

They do need to learn to play live A LOT better, I've seen videos of them live.. they sound almost nothing like the record.

My Spirit Will Go On & Valley of The Damned = Some of the most Epic songs ever written
my favourite song would have to "evening star" "cry of the brave" or "the flame of youth"
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God, i love the first two albums.

Inhuman Rampage however........................what a mess. Horrible.

Agreed. And why is everyone saying "iz twoo faztt!!11"? I'm sure everyone who said that listens to stuff that is just as fast if not faster. And Dawn Over a New World is a slow song.
I love power metal. That and progressive is all that I listen to. I delve into every aspect of it, and I am a power metal musician.

That being said...

Dragonforce is the worst thing to ever happen to power metal. I wish they wouldn't even call themselves power metal. It pisses me off.
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Agreed. And why is everyone saying "iz twoo faztt!!11"? I'm sure everyone who said that listens to stuff that is just as fast if not faster. And Dawn Over a New World is a slow song.

So is Trail of Broken Hearts, both very good songs. Inhuman Rampage was really good but Sonic Firestorm was much more epic.
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Amazing band

Who cares if you listen to "loadz ov jazz n klassikl lul"? Do you want us to stroke your testicles because of it?

He knos loadzzz about jazz and therefore Dragonforce < Sonata Artica.

Btw, I laughed really hard at "squillion" for some reason.
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Why are you bringing Cm into this?
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Dragonforce < Sonata Artica.

Your equation is correct.

Except that it's Arctica.
life is beautifuuuuooooaaaaaal
They got good shred going. But that's about it, I can't think of any other band with that kind of skills that I can't stand. Except Van Halen maybe
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They claim that Trivium are thrash metal.

They are, just not good thrash metal.
Get baked, study theory.

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Why are you bringing Cm into this?
People fail to grasp that Dragonforce are party music.

They are music to get drunk to, sing along to and jump around like an idiot to. Municipal Waste are sloppy as crap live but no one cares because:

A) They are no where near as popular
B) They grasp that they are PARTY MUSIC
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Wikipedia isn't all that trustworthy.

They claim that Trivium are thrash metal.

...That's what Trivium really are buddy.
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I like them but alot of it does sound the same and it kills it when you know that they cant play live at all... when you see a band live it can make or break your opinion of them
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Seeing this thread has made me put on Sonic Firestorm.

Dragonforce are pure win in small doses.
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ROFTL!! That video is so funny..

^ "Fields of Despair" always pwns.

Yes it does, I love the synthesiser & guitar part after the chorus
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