Hi all.

I have around about £125 to spend (I'd like to use ebay mostly), and GAS.

The thing is, I have GAS for nothing in particular, well I know I want pedals, to finish off my bitchin' pedalboard.

Heres what I got:

Boss MT2 acting as a boost (Being replaced with an SD1 I just bought)
EHX Little Big Muff
Danolectro Fish N' Chips EQ
Marshall Regenerator (set only to step phaser)
No name digi-delay
Line 6 echo park
Marshall Echohead.

I have space on my board left for 3 pedals (well power supply wise, I guess I COULD stretch to four. perhaps even five.)

I play mostly modern rock, but use an expanse of tones and styles.

So I need your suggestions on what pedals would be cool to fill out those extra spaces? I'm trying to avoid Boss.
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Woohoo, I love you Ped!
Noise isn't a problem really, using george L's with a diago powerstation, I'm hum free.
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Woohoo, I love you Ped!
Maybe some kind of Line Driver to compensate for the tone-sucking that will happen from the bypass of some of those?
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Just looked at your profile. Man, you have a load of guitars!

But I couldn't see which amp specifically you're using. I see you're selling the Spider. Is the money from that going on a good tube amp?

Anyway, you could perhaps look at a Digitech Whammy. Not sure how much they are, but I'm pretty sure they're in you're price range. It would certainly give you a completely different range of sounds for some crazy stuff.

If you're playing Modern Rock, perhaps you could look at a Wah pedal? A good quality, one, too : You could possibly afford a Fulltone or RMC wah.

Anyway, as I said, with your gear, I think you owe it to yourself a good tube amp first, unless my eyes deceive me and you actually have a Cornford Hurricane or something hidden away there. Fill me in!

I'm selling off my six string bass to finance a Laney VH100R, that or a DSL.

To be honest I've never been that big on wah, I'd end up using it more as a filter. I am kinda drawn to Vox wahs on looks alone, I know. Sue me.

Unfortunately, the Whammy doesn't work on the Diago powerstation, as much as I'd love one, I'd rather keep this one TINY power supply.
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Woohoo, I love you Ped!
get the laney, it pwnz the DSLs.

Even better, see if you can get a Laney TT. Not as good highgain as the GH/VH or as pure cleans as the VCs etc, but it does all the Laney tones really rather well. Imagine a TSL how Marshall wanted it to be before they turned it into a howling mud monster - nice cleans, decent mid-gain, decent high-gain.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
Well ideally I'd go for the LC50, but seeming as they discontinued it and everyone whos got one is too wise to sell one...
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Well there's not an awful lot left for you to get, if you're ruling out the whammy and wah.

Perhaps it's best to replace something you've got with something nicer. I mean, do you really need 3 delays?
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I mean, do you really need 3 delays?

Like you wouldn't believe.

It looks like I'll have a gander at yet another overdrive pedal, I do prefer the more 'alty' pedals than the 'BROWN SOUND CLASSIC RAWK YEAH' sound.

Theres an interesting vid on youtube of a guy demoing an OD-3, but I'm trying to avoid boss. SUGGESTIONS!?!?!?
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Woohoo, I love you Ped!