Well im seriously debating whether to buy an accoustic for my birthday been playing electric 4 years. Anywa i havent got alot of money only £100 or less cause im getting an overdrive for main present. Now im in love with the sound of 12 strings, but dont know how versatile they would be for other stuff. Anyway could you recommend me some really cheap 12 strings, and 6 strings. So far the best one i saw were some fenders...


and http://www.nevadamusic.co.uk/Guitars/Acoustic_Classical/Acoustic/sc1076/p1098.aspx

Also bear in mind im left handed. So would it be cheaper just to buy that lefty model, or the other on and pay to have the nut etc switch. And would there be a problem if i did thathat.

Anyway im a complete newb in this field so i will let you give me some suggestions
The guy in my local music shop said that if your going to get a twelve string, you'd really have to get a high quality one, rather than a cheapy, as they begin to resemble a bow and arrow because of the tension on the neck.
Probably be better getting a cheap 6 string if that is the case.
yh thats what i was reading that because of the immense preassure after a few years it warps. Unlike with the expensive ones which have built in structures, and stuff to reduce warp
Well, I think you'd be able to find a Yamaha f370(6-string) for about a £100.(found it somewhere for £98, just look around a little). I have one, and I love it, the sound is really good considering the price. Good Luck!