Am a bedroom guitarist but looking to form a band.

Anywho i was think of getting a 40Watt Peavy amp, and was wondering would a 40W amp be too loud for bedroom?

It's an Peavey Envoy.


Also is that a tube amp?

I like to play blues and metal.

If there is an better amp please tell me. Oh it shouldn't be a tube amp mainly because i don't want to spend money on it each year.

Thanks y'all.

oh bdw i knows its a Peavy not an an. My OCD tells me to write an.
Thats a solid state amp. I would get more than a 40 watt solid state amp if you are looking to be in a band, but a 40 watt tube amp would be enough. If you are dead set on solid state amps, check out Randall for metal, they are great. Im not too sure about their bluesy tones though. And if you have the money, get a tube amp. They dont cost that much, and the tubes can last for years and years if you are good to them. Ive had my Peavey XXX (great amp by the way, maybe check one of them out) for over a year now, and it sounds just as good as when I first got it.
It's "transtube," so it won't be as loud as full tube amps. You should still be able to get decent tones out of it at bedroom levels. Not sure how it'd be for what you play - never played one before. I'd assume it would be decent for ODed blues, at the least.
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You don't have to maintain tube amps anymore than Solid State amps. All you gotta do is a get a good set of tubes. IMO, if you want a real blues tone, you almost need a tube amp, but of course that is just my opinion. Id say get something like a Crate Palomino. They are not too expensive, they get a great clean sound, their overdrive is nice but you'll need a pedal if you want to get good metal tones out of it.

If you want to start a band and you want clean headroom, youll probably want anywhere from 30-50 watts. Then, just stick an OD in front of it and you should get a nicer metal tone.
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