hey guys i just finished this song, its been a while since i wrote somthing let me know what you think, and any help with the ordering or the verse is welcome (aswell as any comments) because iam not quite happy with it yet, but C4C

im up at nine,
while the cabnits still sleeping,
when they wake they off to there meetings,
where they dice and disect,
a brillant plan of action,
one problem is,
they left the working man out,

i worked my heart out,
but they took my pride,
as my family watched,
when they pushed me aside,

i may not make a 3 figure count,
and i may not drink your bottles of wine,
but iam sure ill die a better man,

as the water turns warm,
and the air turns cold,
we cant have both,
and have a mouth to feed,

but what do i know?
iam just a factory man,
what problems lie,
they never understand,

when my ladys torn
and my son hes battered,
i look to the skies for a better plan,
because down on earth,
no one listen to the working man,
Is this country music? I checked your profile to see your influences or something to get an idea but there wasn't any.
nah, my influenes are classic rock, it probaly sounds like country buts its not, think eagles for this song,