howdy, i'm looking for a player that'll handle all kinds of .mp3 and .mp4 files.

i've tried, and been dissatisfied with, winmediaplayer up to 10, winmediaplayer classic, vlc and winamp. i hate itunes.

can anyone point me toward some other coolio players?


Are you effen kidding!!!!! VLC is the cream of the crop when it comes to Media players.

Yout might as well give up. There is nothing left worth trying.
What do you dislike about all those players? It should be a simple case of just playing what you want etc
all depends on what you want, you seem to hate most of em, could try creatives player
wmp is all i need, aside from itunes.

wmp has play speed settings and an eq, perfect for practicing songs and stuff

go for winamp or something
I see no sign of fortress.
A new one called Songbird is coming out, and it's promising to be an amazing thing XD
Do you want just a media player, or an application with a Library?

WMP11 isn't too shabby. I like it.

Mainly though, I use Media Monkey. Look it up. It's great for organizing a library. Supports ripping CD's, autotagging music (including fetching album art), and all the like. Check it out.
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