search gave me nothing so i made my own thread. im thinking i want to learn how to scuba dive. does anybody here do it? any advice?

and also this can be the "official" scuba diving thread if there isnt one already.

i do it, good fun if you are into it for a bit of relaxation or go on holiday to somewhere that has nice reefs

Tips- just be able to swim well, the kit (with tank) can be quite heavy and don't worry about holding your breath long, you are not supposed to.
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Im going in the end of July to Cozumel. We go every year, and we usually stay there for about a week. We do about 5 or 6 dives a day... two morning dives, and afternoon one, and maybe one or two night dives which are the best. It is pretty fun because I got me , my dad, and my sister and her husband. Its always really beautiful in Cozumel. Really cool reefs and all that. Cozumel is the best place to go in Mexico for scuba, especially Hotel Cozumel, thats a pretty sweet hotel.
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