I have to take the guard off anyway, but I don't want to go buy a new one if it will look aweful.
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dont do it, go with tortoise instead^^
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i think a solid black would look better BUT the gold would look pretty cool too
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Black ones look great on white, so do tortise shell ones. I dont think gold would look good, especially with chrome hardware.
Listen to the people who said black or tortoiseshell.

I really don't like those gold scratchplates, they look and feel tacky to me.
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If i do it I will also buy new knobs probably

I think i will try it
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Quote by backtothe70s
dont do it, go with tortoise instead^^

damn straight
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Everyone has tort and everyone is wrong.

Seriously though it might look good or it might look shit. Try it and see!
Paint go faster stripes on it; they will speed up your licks.
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i am gunna buy a tort, and buy my friends white one off him (for like 3 bucks). I will paint his gold and see if it looks good. If not, i will use the tort.

thanks for the advice.

PS: can i buy pickguards at Guitar Center?
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